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As a smoker, you can choose Marlboro filter cigarettes. Filter cigarettes are better for one's health. Marlboro is short for "Man Always Remember Love Because Of Romance Only". And as a romantic guy, you can choose Marlboro gold cigarettes if you like. He

and Did Not Really Bother About the Fact On Zyprexa I felt really good initially, and did not really bother about the fact that I was increasing weight in a big way. You know I put on 15 lbs in a matter of one month. I felt that everything was all a bed of roses and I was generally walking around like a zombie, without any thoughts on my mind. I did not even realize that I was nearly getting hit by cars when I was crossing the road. I never knew that I was slithering steadily downward. I just wanted to eat and sleep all the time. I even started drinking at first at social functions and then very regularly till I reached a stage when I could not even stand up straight. The idea of food, drinks and a lot of cigarettes and I was in a blissful world of my own. I never realized how bad I was and did not even think of talking to my doctor about my condition. It was my friend who took it into his hands to take me to a doctor. God knows what could have happened to me if he had not. Now I am off Zyprexa and trying desperately to gain back my lost career, good name, my confidence and most of all my haywire mind and bloated body. I looked such a mess really.

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