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and More From PaleyFest 2012 Man, we are not kidding when we say that last night Bones panel at Paleyfest launched a dump truck worth of info for news-thirsty fans. In fact, so monumental, so enormous, so Brobdingnagian was the info-dump that it required frantic, full-on coverage from ourselves, Buddy TV, TV Line and more! So where do we start? Well, you doubtless well-aware that names are playing a big part in the obsessive next tenor of Bones fans inquiries. Specifically, there the name of Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) baby to consider but we given that it own piece. (You may have noticed an explosion of PaleyFest coverage here at Wetpaint Entertainment. There a good reason for that!) Finally (yes, there more!), the panel left some room to discuss an age-old question among Bones fans: when will Zack Addy return?! Via TV Line, Hanson declared that while he not completely averse to the idea, it is a tricky proposition find a return story that satisfies longtime viewers but doesn alienate new fans. We kind of wonder what new fan wouldn like Eric Millegan, but that just us. And we all the more willing to give Hanson the benefit of the doubt because he used the phrase have to juggle whether to pick that scab or not, which is about the best imagery we can think of to describe the situation. And now it time for a deep breath and maybe a cigarette! After all, when the last time we had this much Bones dirt come out of a single event? (Previous occasions don even come close!) Why, it almost enough to get us through this month to April 2. or at least that the tune we be singing until Monday.

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